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The Founders

Die Gründer

We have always loved good food – since we were little kids. We love to cook. We cherish quality and culinary pleasures. After leaving home, we asked our mums and grandmas to show us the secrets of good cooking – so we could enjoy the homemade spätzle we grew up with in our shared student flats.
Ready-made spätzle from the shelfs have never been a real option. Neither the dried, pasta like ones, nor the fresh (pre-cooked) ones from the deli counter could ever keep up with the handcrafted ones. If there hadn’t been the annoying cleaning of the cooking utensils stuck of dried dough, we would probably never invented our “Paper Spätzlepresse” – a packaging that is a disposable spätzle squeezer filled with best, all natural and organic raw spätzle-dough (of which we are very proud now!)

In 2012 we introduced the first prototype and instantly won the German Packaging Award. In 2013 we presented it on the world's biggest organic trade show – Biofach in Nuremberg – and were rewarded with the audience award as „Best-New-Product-Convenience“. In 2014 we repeated that success – the Biofach audience chose our latest flavor “chili” as „Best-New-Product”. And 2014 will also be the year we spread our idea. After our custom-built production line is up and running, frizle – fresh spätzle will be available in all of Germany.

We hope you’ll enjoy our recipe and that pressing your own spätzle at home will give you as much joy as it gives us.

Kristina, Martin and Thomas